DIY Gnome Christmas Decorations

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Bring some festive cheer to your home this holiday with these cute DIY gnome Christmas decorations.

These Christmas gnome crafts are the perfect way to add some holiday cheer and show off your love for those cute little gnomes.

DIY Gnome Decorations & Christmas Gnome Crafts

DIY Gnome Christmas Decorations

DIY Gnome Christmas Decorations

This year we plan on adding some gnome Christmas decorations to the house. I know gnomes have been a popular decoration for the holidays for a while and that we are late to the game, but I’m ready to take them on.

Here are a few of our favorite DIY gnome Christmas decorations to make for the holidays that can be used to decorate the home.

1. DIY Mr & Mrs Gnom

DIY Christmas Gnome Couple Man Woman Gnomes S

Super cute and fun for the holidays, this DIY Mr and Mrs gnome set is perfect for sprucing up your tables and Christmas decor.

2. Scented Gnome

Not only is this a fun Christmas gnome craft to make but it will help make your home smell of cinnamon and apples! The scented gnome is an easy holiday gnome craft anyone can make.

3. Winter Gnome DIY

A Dollar Tree gnome craft that you can make for the holidays, or to showcase all winter long! This winter gnome is easy to make and will be a great addition to your holiday decor.

4. Gnome Stocking Holders

DIY Gnome Stocking Holders12 1 of 1 768x512 1

These adorable wooden gnome stocking holders will look great on the fireplace! You can use them to hang stockings filled with goodies for Christmas!

5. Sweater Gnomes

These cute sweater gnomes are an easy to make Christmas Gnome craft that you can make to add some cheer to your home for the holidays.

6. Egg Carton Gome Craft Decoration

Can you believe this gnome decoration is made from an egg carton? The egg carton craft will help you create an easy DIY Christmas gnome that you can use to add some festive cheer to your home.

7. Creative Ugly Sweater Gnomes


Another easy and fun gnome craft for the holidays, these ugly sweater gnomes are fun and festive.

8. DIY Gnome Snowglobe

Snowglobe Final 1

Turn an empty peanut butter jar into a festive snow globe for the holidays. This is an easy DIY Christmas gnome craft that you can make at home.

9. Cardboard Tube Gnomes

Use cardboard tubes to create these adorable Christmas gnomes. Add cardboard gnomes to your Christmas table decor or to the mantle and you have a fun holiday decoration to enjoy.

10. Evergreen Christmas Gnome

Decorate the outside of your home with this evergreen gnome. You could use this as an inspiration to make some DIY Christmas wreaths too!

12. No Sew Gnome Stockings

no sew gnome stockings free tutorial H

I love these adorable no sew stockings! They’re perfect for hanging on the mantle and will be a fun addition to any home. You can stock them full of goodies for Christmas.

13. Printable Christmas Gnome Mantle Banner

If you are looking for an easy DIY Christmas Gnome decoration, grab this free mantle banner and you’re ready to go. Just print, cut, and hang it up if you are looking for super simple DIY gnome Christmas decorations.

14. Cute Christmas Gnome

Create this fun Christmas gnome for the holidays! This is another craft that you can make and add to your DIY gnome Christmas decorations.

15. Cross Stitch Christmas Gnomes

Fun and adorable, this Christmas gnome cross stitch will help you to create a beautiful home decoration for the holidays.

16. No Sew Sock Gnomes

Christmas gnomes on display 1

Probably one of our favorite DIY gnome Christmas decorations! No sew crafts are always a fun and easy project you can do. These no sew gnomes are perfect for the holidays.

17. Gnome Bottle Toppers

gnome toppers 1

Create these cute gnome bottle toppers for the holidays. You can use them as wine bottle decorations for Christmas.

18. Gnome Garland

DIY Christmas Gnome Garland 3 1 of 1 768x512 1

Adorable! You can add this Christmas gnome garland to your Christmas tree or mantle to bring some holiday cheer into your home.

DIY Home Decor Gnome Kids Christmas Crafts

Let the kids help you make these adorable Christmas gnome crafts and DIY gnome Christmas decorations! You can hang them on the fridge, walls, or anywhere that you want to show off their crafting skills!

19. Paper Gnome Craft

Let the kids help you make this cute paper gnome Christmas craft. Hang it on the fridge to add some Christmas cheer to the kitchen!

20. Gnome Handprint Craft for Christmas

christmas gnome handprint 1

Kids will love creating this cute handprint gnome craft!

21. Handprint Gnomes

Glue on Gnome Pom Pom 1

These adorable handprint gnomes are made with cotton balls and paper. The shiny hats give the gnomes some festive color. After the kids have made them you can frame them, hang them on the fridge, or turn them into tree ornaments.

Christmas Gnome Craft Decorations

I love that these cute DIY gnome Christmas decorations are so easy to do. I’m glad we also found some fun Christmas gnome crafts the kids can make to help decorate the house.

We’re so excited to see these DIY gnome Christmas decorations in action. They will certainly add some special holiday cheer to the house!

DIY Christmas Gnome Decorations

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