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Holiday Cleaning Checklist Printable

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Make sure you’re ready for the holidays with this holiday cleaning checklist printable. The Christmas cleaning checklist will help you get ready for guests.

With the holiday chaos approaching, it’s time to prep the house for friends and family. This can be a daunting task which is why I like to always have a list ready on things that need to be done.

We’ve been working on our holiday menu and have that pretty much set up. We do this early so we can slowly gather all the ingredients and essentials that we need. Christmas gets expensive with kids so we’ve always found this to be helpful.

Printable Holiday Cleaning Checklist

Printable Holiday Cleaning Checklist

This year we’ve decided to go with the gnome theme for the holidays. We’re getting our gnome decorations ready, making some fun gnome ornaments, and getting the house ready for the holidays.

The only thing we don’t have yet is a gnome wreath. I definitely want to find one or make one, so as of right now we’re just going to use the joy wreath we made.

As far as food goes this holiday, we’ll have the big Christmas dinner where everyone brings their favorite dishes and make some Christmas charcuterie boards. It should be pretty easy.

Christmas Cleaning Checklist Printable

Okay.. back to the cleaning portion of the holidays! To make things a little easier this year, we’ve made a holiday cleaning checklist printable that we are sharing. All you have to do is print and then mark each task done as you go. Easy!

LWKL Holiday Cleaning Checklist Printable

We’ve included cleaning tasks and things to remember when tidying up each room. This free printable Christmas cleaning list includes all of your major rooms.

There’s also a general section that covers any last-minute things or jobs that don’t fit into the other categories.

To Print: Just click on the link below, it will bring up a PDF of the holiday cleaning checklist. Print the PDF and then you’ll be able to have a physical copy that you can check off as you go! Super easy!

Christmas Cleaning Checklist Printable

Download the cleaning checklist here.

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