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Ideas to Decorate Pumpkins That Are Creative and Fun

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Looking for fun and creative ways and ideas to decorate pumpkins this year? These fun decorated pumpkin ideas for kids are cute, creative, and fun.

We love decorating pumpkins during the fall season and it’s a fun learning activity for kids. We used to cut out the shapes in the pumpkins but we find it much easier to just decorate them.

Plus, decorating pumpkins allows the little ones to get more involved with the process. It also gives them a way to learn through fun.

20 Fun and Creative Ideas to Decorate Pumpkins

Ideas to Decorate Pumpkins That Are Creative and Fun

What are the best things to decorate pumpkins with?

Pumpkins can be decorated with a ton of different things. Acrylic paint is used for coloring. You can also use glitter, glue, felt, cotton balls, string, etc. The options are endless. It’s pretty much anything that you can glue or stick to the pumpkin. So get creative!

How do you attach things to a pumpkin?

Typically, any type of glue that is sturdy can be used to decorate a pumpkin. So hot glue, tacky glue, or craft glue will work the best. We have used hot glue for the majority of our decorated pumpkins.

What is the best thing to color pumpkins with?

Acrylic paint works best when it comes to painting pumpkins. It’s quick to dry and easy to clean up.

Ideas to Decorate Pumpkins

Ready to deck out those pumpkins without carving them? These fun ideas to decorate pumpkins are creative and fun.

Let the kids get in there and help with decorating the pumpkins as they prepare for Halloween. They will love creating, designing, and showing off their cute and fun pumpkins.

1. Pineapple Decorated Pumpkin

Kids will love decorating this pineapple-decorated pumpkin with sunglasses. It’s a bright and fun decorated pumpkin that stands out which is why we love it so much.

2. Ideas to Decorate PumpkinsCactus Pumpkin

This cactus painted pumpkin is super cute! I love how colorful it is and the fact that it is easy to make. Pipe cleaners are used to create the prickly pieces of the cactus.

3. Fish Bowl Pumpkin

A variety of different candies are used to create a pumpkin that is decorated to look like a fish bowl. It’s wrapped in cellophane and Twizzlers are used to make the bow. This is probably one of our favorite decorated pumpkins!

4. Sheep Pumpkin

A fun no carve pumpkin decorating idea that’s great for young children! This sheep pumpkin is adorable! You only need a few supplies to make the pumpkin and the kids will love it.

5. Decorated Pumpkin Idea – Old Lady Pumpkin

Creative and fun, you can decorate a pumpkin to look like an old lady for the fall season. It’s also great for Halloween.

6. Troll Pumpkins

If your little one is a fan of the Trolls movie, they will love creating these fun and colorful troll pumpkins. We love the bright and fun colors the Trolls bring us.

7. Hot Air Balloon Pumpkin

Adorable! This pumpkin was decorated to look like a hot air balloon. This is another no carve pumpkin that will impress! Let the kids help paint and design the hot air balloon fro extra fun.

8. No Carve Ghost Pumpkins

Simple but cute. Just a few supplies are needed for these adorable pink ghost pumpkins. These were done in pink and white but you can customize the colors to fit your style and ideas.

9. Eye Candy Gumball Machine

Another creative no carve pumpkin decorating idea, this one is decorated to look like a gumball machine.

10. Woodland Animal Painted Pumpkins

These little no carve pumpkin woodland creatures are super cute and fun to make. The kids will enjoy making a fox, a raccoon, and an owl.

11. Ideas to Decorate PumpkinsFrozen Elsa Pumpkin

If you have a Disney princess fan in the house, this bright and shiny Frozen Elsa pumpkin is fun.

12. Sesame Street Painted Pumpkins

The whole gang is here! Kids will love decorating and showing off these cute Sesame Street pumpkins.

13. Ideas to Decorate PumpkinsCocomelon Pumpkins

Super cute and fun! These cocomelon painted pumpkins are adorable.

14. Spiderman Painted Pumpkin

Kids who love Spiderman will LOVE decorating these pumpkins. Red paint and a black marker are all you really need.

15. Monsters Inc. Pumpkins

Cute and fun! Kids will love getting creative and designing these adorable Monsters Inc. pumpkins.

16. Ideas to Decorate PumpkinsDonut Pumpkin

A great decorated pumpkin idea that smaller kids can help with. They will enjoy painting the pumpkin and decorating it with painted sprinkles.

17. Superhero Pumpkins

Gather the superheroes for Halloween with this fun tutorial. Pumpkins are painted to look like Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, and more.

18. Easy Monster Pumpkins

Adorable and cute, these easy-painted pumpkins will be a fun project for kids this Halloween.

19. Pumpkin Ice Cream Cone

Love this idea! The pumpkin is painted pink and decorated to look like ice cream. Use a flower pot to create the ice cream cone.

20. Ideas to Decorate PumpkinsFingerprint Art Pumpkins

Loving these cute DIY fingerprint art pumpkins! Kids can use their fingerprints to create the designs painted on them.

Ideas to Decorate Pumpkins

Do you paint pumpkins each year? Decorating pumpkins has been our go-to tradition so we wanted to share some fun ways to decorate pumpkins.

Ideas to Decorate Pumpkins

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